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Decree of Promulgation, 1970

By this decree, the 1970 General Chapter of the Order of Premontre after careful review of the constitutions provisionally accepted by the Chapter of 1968, and having found them in accordance with the principles of Vatican II, hereby authoritatively promulgates them for observance by all whom they affect.

The norms contained in these Constitutions become binding one month from the date of publication at which time the 1947 Statutes of the Order of Premontre become null and void.

Since the present General Chapter intended to determine only the matters affecting the inspiration for our life as well as the central government of the Order, an now having established the more general and quasi-fundamental norms for the governance of canonries and houses, it leaves to the local communities the competence for determining in accordance with their respective needs what must be determined.  That these norms may be applied more accurately to the reality of life, provisions are hereby made for a sound pluriformity.

The task of the next General Chapter will be to decree more precisely and effectively those matters which experience teaches still need to be ordered [1]

Given at the Abbey of Wilten, site of the General Chapter
August, 8, 1970
Norbert Calmels, O. Praem.
Abbot General and
President of the General Chapter

These constitutions are in effect from Easter Sunday, April 11, 1971


[1] Protocol of the 1970 General Chapter, pp. 99-100 --- <<BACK>>

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