Order of Premontre, Premonstratensians, Norbertines, and White Canons



Toro: Monasterio fundado en 1309, desde 1568 bajo la jurisdicción del Obispo de Zamora.

Provincia de Zamora, Diócesis de Zamora, España.

The convent of the Premonstratensian Canons of Toro is situated to the east of the capital of the Province of Zamora, in the northwest of Spain. The community lived first in the double monastery of San Miguel de Gros, founded in 1162. The sisters had to leave this place and moved to the house of Santa Sofia in Pobladura de los Huerts. Their sojourn, however, in the plain of Toro did not last long, owing to the difficulties with the food supply and also because of the permanent danger of floods from the river Deuro. All this moved Queen Maria de Molina to give them a house in Toro, requesting the Bishop of Zamora to grant the necessary permission. Since November 1316, the sisters live in the house at Santa Maria de Arbas Toad, under the jurisdiction of the Ordinary of the Diocese. This house has the distinction of being the oldest continuously inhabited house/location of the Order. 

Prior: Sr. María Paz Consuelo Martinez (Prioress)

Phone: 011-34-980-690-324


Monasterio Premonstratense de Santa Sofía, Rua Arbas 7
E-49 800 TORO (Zamora)

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