Order of Premontre, Premonstratensians, Norbertines, and White Canons

R. D. Aaron J. Walschinski, O. Praem.

Birth: December 18, 1935

Death: December 7, 1989

House: St. Norbert Abbey

Our brother Aaron Walschinski was born a twin in Green Bay in 1935.  After graduating from Central Catholic, he joined the Order in 1954, and was solemnly professed in 1959. That same year, he began his teaching career at St. Norbert High teaching Latin. From 1961 through 1963, he was a lecturer in Latin, Greek and the psalms at the abbey.

Wally was a brilliant scholar in foreign languages. For ten years, from 1962 through 1972, he was on the faculty of Bishop Neumann. There he was chairman of the language department, and taught Latin, Greek, mechanical drawing, and was art advisor to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Planning Commission. For the students, he composed a multi-language newspaper in Latin, Greek, German, Spanish and English, did the layout and provided his own illustrations.

In 1963, Wally earned a Master’s in the classics from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and began studying Hebrew. From 1966 to 68, he was an assistant at St. John’s in Essexville.

Starting a new career, in 1972 through 1974, he attended Pratt Art Institute in New York, and earned a BFA in Art and Design and Art Education. In 1974, Wally was assigned to the college, where as assistant professor of art, he taught commercial art and was campus planner and campus photographer through 1985.

After editing “Apud Nos”, the community’s newsletter, in 1982, he became archivist and librarian at the abbey.

Exhibitions of his photography went international in 1985: Geneva, Switzerland; Peking, China; Warsaw, Poland; Essex, England; as well as the United States.His work also found its way into private collections.

Struck by a rare disease that caused severe headaches and shrunk his body, he died a painful death on Thursday, December 7, 1989 at the age of 53.

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