Order of Premontre, Premonstratensians, Norbertines, and White Canons

R. D. John A. Boelhower, O. Praem.

Birth: June 13, 1905

Death: December 26, 1985

House: St. Norbert Abbey

Our brother John Boelhower was born in Amsterdam, Holland in 1905, and with his family immigrated to Armour, South Dakota in 1908. Moving many times in his youth, the family finally ended up in Kimberly, Wisconsin, from where he came to St. Norbert High and college.  He joined the Order in 1935 and was solemnly professed in 1940.  Having been assigned to Southeast Catholic in 1938, he returned there after ordination in 1942 and became procurator and teacher of English in 1949.

Parish ministry began for “Doc,” as he was fondly called, in 1952, when he was an assistant at St. John’s in Essexville, and then continued when he became pastor of St. Thomas, in Sunburst, Montana. 

Doc retired to the abbey in 1971.  Incapacitated by bone cancer in his later years, he suffered with the patience of a saint, never complaining of the excruciating pain he endured.  He died on Thursday, December 26, 1985 at the age of 80.

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