Order of Premontre, Premonstratensians, Norbertines, and White Canons

R. D. Simon C. Becker, O. Praem.

Birth: June 13, 1911

Death: July 22, 1991

House: St. Norbert Abbey

Our brother Simon Becker was born in Allouez in 1911.  After graduating from St. Norbert High and a year at the college, he entered the Order in 1931, and was solemnly professed in 1936.

Assigned to teach at Southeast Catholic with the original faculty in 1934, he remained there until 1939.  During that time he studied at the University of Pennsylvania and the Curry School of Expression in Boston .  During the summers of 1939 through 1946, he studied at the University of Wisconsin , Madison and Temple University .  He was awarded an M.A. in Zoology from Madison in 1946, and assigned to the college, where he taught zoology in the old Science Annex, moving walls and renovating every summer.  He was also was the advisor to “The SNC Times” and the yearbook during those years.

“Crabby Carl,” as he was called, founded and operated St. Norbert Abbey Press from 1948 until 1974.  Between 1950 to ‘59, besides teaching, he held positions as publicity director for the college and Dean of Men.

Simon continued to teach at the college until 1972, when he became house superior at the abbey and took control of the abbey kitchen.

The pastoral phase of Simon’s life began in 1973, when he was appointed the administrator of St. Hubert’s in Rosiere, and in 1975, at St. Peter’s in Lincoln, where he remained until 1985, renovating and demolishing, merging and closing. 

Simon retired to the abbey in 1986 and died on Monday, July 22, 1991 at the age of 80.

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