Order of Premontre, Premonstratensians, Norbertines, and White Canons

11 Poem - Felix Norbertus

11 Poem - Felix Norbertus

Felix Norbertus

8. Blessed is Norbert, first Father of this Order.

I rejoice that you, Father Hugh, foster his merits.

Surely blessed, he spurned worldly heights

and, subject to the yoke of Christ, dutifully sowed the seed

which all around has borne a marvelous fruit,

fruit through which the cloister rule saves many,

fruit which joyfully fills the heavenly storehouses.

An incredible spirit, a divine fire,

marked him out and made him known for learning.

He burned with heavenly light. He was a peer of the great doctors.

Crowned with merit, he bears an imperishable name.

He constantly loved true poverty.

With courageous faith he put Satan to flight.

Vessel of the Eternal Word, minister of peace,

he secured peace, reconciling discord.

Advancedto episcopal office he was outstanding, a cross for the wicked, an example for the good.

In all Church affairs he was a shining star.

Blessed is he who could stand secure before swords.

Conscious of no wrong in himself, he does not grow pale with guilt[Felix Norbertus-1]

nor hesitate to die, but is bound to the love of Christ.

Blessed is he who, when the Lord comes, will have troops

whom the good judge will choose from our Order.

May grace protect us at this time of trial. Amen.

Here ends the life of our glorious father Norbert.

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