Order of Premontre, Premonstratensians, Norbertines, and White Canons

09 Chapter 7: Circaries

09 Chapter 7: Circaries



The Order is partitioned into circaries by the General Chapter so that the needs and utility of the various regions, given their diversity and variety of customs, may be provided for.

In a circary, which is above all a fraternal union, are included all houses of the region or language whether autonomous or dependent. It is a task of the circaries to promote the unity of the Order and to take care that the decrees, norms, and directives of the General Chapter are carried out.


The vicar of the abbot general is the bond between the central government of the Order and the houses of his circary or region. At the same time he shall promote "communio" between the houses of the region. He shall be appointed by the abbot general, who beforehand will hear at least the mind of the prelates of the circary or region, should they wish to propose their own candidate.


The vicar of the abbot general prudently may call a meeting of the prelates, superiors and house deputies of his circary. While such a meeting does not have legislative power, it may concern itself with the coordination of ideas and actions, as well as giving mutual assistance, so that the bonds of charity may truly inform the life of the circary.


In each circary, the vicar of the abbot general shall deal with the communities in a fraternal way, collect information, and communicate this to the canonries, as well as the Abbot General and the Definitors of the Order according to n. 200 of these Constitutions.


When communication with the central government of the Order has been disrupted in a certain region because of special circumstances, the jurisdiction of the abbot general for the canonries and houses of this region falls upon the vicar himself, or if there is none or he is impeded, it falls to the prelate who is senior in office. Also, in such circumstances, the meeting of the prelates, superiors and deputies of houses in that region have the power to issue decrees concerning the more urgent questions, which otherwise would be within the province of the General Chapter.

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