Order of Premontre, Premonstratensians, Norbertines, and White Canons

01 Table of Contents

01 Table of Contents

“Vita-B” -- The Life of St. Norbert

also known as 

"The Origins and Spread of the Premonstratensians"

Section 1: Table of Contents


Chapters 1-10:

·         Birth, Origin and Secular Life of St. Norbert

·         How the Grace of God Visited Norbert

·         Where and When Norbert Put Off the Old Man and Put On the New

·         The Beginning of Norbert's Preaching

·         Why the Saints Suffer Evil

·         The Constancy of Norbert's Faith

·         Norbert's Persistent Preaching

·         How Norbert Justified Himself When Before the Legate of the Roman Curia

·         How Satan Appeared to Norbert

·         How Norbert Began His Pilgrimage

Chapters 11-20:

·         How Norbert Received His First General Permission to Preach Everywhere

·         How Norbert Came to Valenciennes

·         How Norbert Received One Man at Valenciennes

·         How Norbert Encouraged His Companion

·         How Norbert Brought About Peace at Fosses

·         Two Conflicting Princes

·         Two Other Enemies

·         The Request and Confirmation of Norbert's Preaching

·         How Norbert Came to Prémontré

·         How Norbert Went Out to Gather Companions

Chapters 21-30:

·         The Young Man Whom Satan Tempted

·         The Possessed Girl

·         The Relics Which Norbert Discovered at Cologne

·         How Norbert Determined Profession Was to be Made

·         Voluntary Poverty and Prompt Obedience

·         The Novice Who Fraudulently Joined the Man of God

·         How it Was Shown to One of the Confreres in a Vision Where the Church Should be Built

·         The Construction and Dedication of the Church

·         The Many Temptations of the Confreres

·         The Young Man Who Was Seized by the Devil

Chapters 31-40:

·         The Demoniac Healed at Maastricht

·         The Conversion of Count Godfrey

·         Theobald the Illustrious Count of Blois

·         The Journey to Rome

·         The Demoniac Healed at Viviers

·         The Heretic Tanchelin and Antwerp

·         The Evil Spirit Which Norbert Perceived in the Jug

·         The Wolf Which was Quickly Tamed

·         Another Wolf which Quickly Released a Sheep

·         The Brother Who Wanted to Take Hold of Satan

Chapters 41-50:

·         How Satan Assumed the Likeness of a Bear

·         The Circumstances that Brought Norbert to the Place Where He was Elected Archbishop

·         How Norbert Was Received Into the City

·         How Norbert Gathered What Had Been Dispersed

·         How Norbert Transferred the Canons of St. Mary's

·         The Persecutions Which Norbert Sustained

·         The Cleric Who Wanted to Kill Norbert

·         How Norbert Arranged for a Successor at Prémontré

·         The Open Sedition of the Citizens of Magdeburg

·         The Drunkenness of the People of Magdeburg

Chapters 51-54:

·         How Norbert Was Restored to His See

·         How Norbert Went to Italy

·         The Dispute About Norbert's Burial

·         The Three Visions After Norbert's Death

SECTION 5 – Additamenta (Additions of the Confreres at Cappenberg):

·         A-I:  What Sort of Person Norbert Was

·         A-II:  Norbert Predicted a Famine for Westphalia

·         A-III:  Norbert Dispelled a Fever by His Word

·         A-IV:  The Regular Way of Life of the Confreres

·         A-V:  The Rule of Blessed Augustine

·         A-VI:  The Lord's Blood Which Appeared on the Paten

·         A-VII:  The Veil of St. Servatius

·         A-VIII:  The Death of a Robber

·         A-IX:  The Warfare Which Norbert Foretold

·         A-X:  Norbert Healed a Demoniac

Section 6:  Poem -- Felix Norbertus

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